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  Purchases on credit

Leasing (from English leasing - rent, property hiring) - rent for the term of from 6 months till 15 years of means and services. Leasing is carried out on the basis of the contract between the leasing company (giving leasing), getting property at own expense both leasing it, and the firm-tenant (making out leasing) which gradually brings a rent for use of leasing property. During action of the contract the property right to leasing property belongs giving leasing, and the right on using - receiving leasing.

In modern international conditions leasing is, one of the basic financial tools, allowing to carry out real investments in development of material base of any manufacture and a life. The reasons of it are covered in those advantages which are given with the scheme of leasing in comparison with other ways of purchase of the basic means (the bank or commercial credit, payment on the fact of delivery).

The leasing scheme allows to get the goods and services with the installment plan of payment for some years, i.e. without large lumpsum expenses and without necessity of attraction of extra means. This favourable decision for many private and legal persons (enterprises) who, according to interrogations, name shortage of means the main reason of refusal of purchase necessary for them of technics and services more often.

Now the financial leasing being a highly effective method of investment in the basic companys resources, gets the increasing popularity. The leasing scheme enables customers to optimize their financial streams since allows to attribute completely all sum of leasing payments on the cost price of production, thus having reduced taxable base, and to apply the accelerated amortization. It favourably distinguishes leasing from purchase due to own means or on credit.

Basic of these advantages are:
o Leasing payments concern on production costs and lives that reduces taxable base.
o Payment of cost the goods and services from the means received as a result of his operation.
o the Contract on leasing to receive much easier, than the bank credit.
o the Opportunity of application of the mechanism accelerated (or free) amortization, that considerably reduces the tax to property.

o purchase in leasing needs the information on wages (or, balance of firm - for legal persons), the passport.
o the client should be more senior than 21 years
o the minimal total cost of purchase 50Ls
o if there is no conformity to these requirements, the guarantor corresponding to requirements is required.

o the First payment from 10 %.
o the Maximal term of the credit 1 year.
o the Commission of 4-7 %.