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  Brief acquaintance with our company

The history of our company begins with February, 1995 when we have started to work with firm SIA Baltcom and Telekomunikacijas Associacijas.
we constantly worked above ourselves, successfully developing the business, expanding a network of clients and dealers, writing down in the active all new and new victories over tenders, successful introductions and simply good responses. Gradually the stable and reliable structure consisting of several independent divisions began to be formed.

Now, the firm has the big circle of interests. It is the Internet the Creative, the Internet Programming, Promotion the Internet of Projects, the Hosting and Support, Granting of the Internet, Programming of the User Systems, Sale of Computers and Office equipments, Sale of the Software, Installation, Adjustment and Repair of Networks the Intranet (LAN) and Infranet (Internet), Leasing. Grantings of a full package of qualitative services in the field of computer technologies - from sale of office equipment and the accompanying goods before system integration and computer design. On this way we also move, reaching new results and putting new problems.

We count the main riches our collective - a basis of all our achievements. Young, cheerful, professional - here, perhaps, the basic epithets applied to it. Middle age of our workers - 25 years. Almost all from them studied and trained abroad. All this in many respects has defined success of the company on young, taking place in constant movement, the market of computer technologies.

Now our company works on six basic directions:

• Delivery of computer technics, periphery, accessories
• Development and introduction of the software
• Maintenance of computer and office technics
account materials
• Sale of compact discs, computer magazines and literatures
• Advertising and design
• Web programming

The basic distinctive feature determining our attitude to development of these directions, granting to the divisions engaged in this or that activity of full independence in definition of strategy and tactics of development, methods of work with suppliers and clients, pricing policies and calculations is. Such approach as shows experience, leads to to improvement of a level of service given by them and developments of business.

Frameworks of this page do not give an opportunity of the full description of principles of our work, our ideas and achievements. But we hope, that made the decision on co-operation with us, you will make a true choice.